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Fly Shot

Get ready to capture the magic of dance in mid-air with Fly Shot Photo! Our fly shot is a jaw-dropping photo of a dancer soaring through the air with fabric flying in the background. It’s a breathtaking moment frozen in time that will leave you spellbound. So if you want to capture the grace and beauty of dance in its most awe-inspiring form, then our fly shot is the perfect choice. Come fly with us and create a moment that will last a lifetime! This Exclusive Rate Only available for Group bookings at your Dance or Gymnastic Studio. Images Sold separately in the packages valued at $75, $100 and $150. Package information will be provided upon booking

From $99

Individual Portraits

An individual dance portrait session with a full range of photos and multiple costumes is a specialized type of photo shoot that focuses on capturing the beauty, grace, and movement of a dancer in a series of stunning images. The shoot typically takes place in a studio or on location, and the photographer will work closely with the dancer to create a set of images that showcase their unique talents and style.

During the shoot, the dancer will wear a range of costumes at the dancers choice to capture a variety of moods and styles. The photographer will use a range of lighting techniques and angles to create dynamic and striking images that highlight the dancer’s form and movement.

One unique aspect of this type of shoot is the use of “fly shot” photography. This involves suspending the dancer in mid-air with the fabric flowing on the background. 

Available for individual bookings and with your Dance or Gymnastic Studio.

From $350

Team Photos

At Fly Shot Photo, we specialize in creating stunning group and team photos that showcase your unique spirit and energy. Our expert photographers will capture the essence of your group or team, whether it’s a sports team, dance troupe, or corporate team. We take pride in creating a fun and engaging environment that brings out the best in everyone. So if you’re looking to capture the camaraderie and spirit of your group or team, then Fly Shot Photo is the perfect choice. Let us help you create a memorable keepsake that celebrates your collective achievements and accomplishments. Only Available as an Add On to your Dance or Gymnastic Studio Booking.

From $30

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